Newsletter                    Middlesex Keep Fit Association

We publish a newsletter three times a year. It is the communication document in which the Middlesex KFA Executive Committee gives members all the information and news on what is happening in your County. It supplements the information passed directly to class members through their teachers and lets members know of forthcoming ‘county’ events as well as those national and regional events which they may like to go to or take part in.

Our newletter, together with those publications of the National and Regional Executives, keep our members well informed of all the activities open to them. By reading these publications they can make the most of their membership, keep fit and above all enjoy what we believe to be  the benefits of a charter of lasting friendships, health and happiness.


In due course we hope to expand this website and will in our members area, include technical articles as well as a forum for discussions and local class news.

The current newsletter is four pages and each page can be viewed by clicking on the page numbers below.

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For more information email your request to :  Inforequest    (Click here)