Objectives                         Middlesex Keep Fit Association

With any national association there are several levels of objectives to which the organisation has to aspire to. The Keep Fit Association is no different to others in this respect. At national level we try to present our style of keep Fit in a meaningful, practical as well as challenging way which encourages and promotes health of body and mind through the mediums of movement, exercise, music and dance. Indeed there is a competitive element, though challenges and competitions, regional team presentations and a national show open to all to see.

At Regional level and Middlesex is part of the South Eastern Counties Region our objective include regional teams performing corregraphed routines of the highest standard at festivals whilst encouraging fun and other participation activities again with the objective of healthy exercise of mind, body and soul.


At local level we go further in promoting these objectives but place significantly more emphasis on achieving a healthier life style, in our classes not only through the exercise but through a lasting companionship and friendly and not so competitve approach. Thus we maintain a high standard of fitness of our members, we participate strongly in the regional activities and those who wish can achieve national status...... all without pressure. It is up to you to how far you wish to go!  Come for exercise and fun alone or for the chance to go further - your choice. Our qualified teachers are there to help you.

We also hold special event days when we have keepfit sessions, quiz and fancy dress party sessions; hold recreative weekends away and more.

We support charities and do some fund raising as well.......

There’s so much more fun to exercise and play with the Middlesex KFA !-